DownAlert PSD

About DownAlert PSD

My husband and I have been avid recreational boaters all of our lives, and with that, we have always been very concerned about recreational boating safety. Our children grew up enjoying The Lake of the Ozarks, but while on that very busy lake, we were often very concerned about our safety and the safety of our loved ones.

On many occasions, we witnessed extremely dangerous situations, particularly with boaters and the individuals that were participating in watersports behind the boat (skiing, wake boarding, tubing, etc.) Now we are grandparents, spending more time on the water, again participating in these activities, and seeing the same dangerous situations we witnessed many years ago. As a parent, grandparent, or captain of the ship, the greatest concern we had while pulling a watersports participant was what could happen to our loved one while left in the busy water alone and unaided, waiting for the boat to come back to them.

With most boating accidents caused by operator inattention or inexperience, improper lookout, ski/tow/tube mishap, and boating under the influence, we knew that when in the water, watersports participants were increasingly at risk of being involved in, or contributing to, a boating accident. They had no visible signal to alert other boaters that a person or hazard (themselves!) was nearby.

We had the “orange skier down flag” displayed on the boat, as required by law in some states, but felt it was inadequate. It didn't draw attention to the person in the water and, in fact, could distract from the person by drawing attention towards the boat and away from the person. 

So, I decided to take the initiative to solve the problem of leaving watersports participants alone in the water without a visual alert or signaling device. That's how DownAlert PSD was born. This product is a personal signaling device (PSD) for watersports that is worn on the arm of a watersports participant and includes an attached signal flag, which is deployed from the device and manually waved by the participant when down in the water.

DownAlert PSD’s patented design* provides a highly visible alert to signal boats that a person is down in the water and provides a return location for the boat, making it an inexpensive way of putting added visibility and safety at the fingertips those that find themselves in busy waters. 

I hope that DownAlert PSD brings increased safety and comfort to your watersports activities so you can have fun without the added worry! We cherish every memory we ever made on the water with our loved ones, and we hope that the DownAlert can help ensure that all memories made on the water are positive ones!

- Denise Pitlyk | Founder, DownAlert PSD

*US Patent #10,046,226