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Safety & Visibility
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Personal Signaling Device for Watersports

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Armed with Safety

DownAlert PSD's patent-pending design is light, compact, and won't interfere with your watersport activities. When it's not deployed, the signal simply tucks into the arm cuff, ready for another round of fun on the water.

DownAlert Full Signal
Putting on the DownAlert PSD

Easy & Effective

Deploying the DownAlert PSD signal is as easy as sliding on a glove. Within seconds of hitting the water, wearers can instantly alert other boats of their location, providing a more effective safety signal than typical "skier down flags."

Visibility Where You Are

Watersports participants are at risk when left in the busy water while waiting for a boat to come back to them. DownAlert PSD arms users with increased visibility, providing them with a signaling device that's at-the-ready when they go down.

DownAlert Tucked

Ready for a safer way to enjoy the water?

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