Personal Signaling Device (PSD) for Watersports

How DownAlert PSD Works

DownAlert PSD is the first watersport signaling device that helps wearers be seen where they are, when they're down in the water.

Current water safety solutions, such as the skier-down flag, only let boaters know that a skier, tuber, or wakeboarder is in the water – but not where. With DownAlert PSD, a highly-visible safety signal can be at the fingertips of every watersport participant. As soon as a wearer hits the water, the DownAlert PSD can be deployed to instantly signal and alert other boats of their location, helping to keep them safe and seen.

Increased safety with DownAlert PSD costs just $29.99.
Available in four sizes: Child (7-10), Youth (12-16), Adult S/M, Adult L/XL.